Let us help you get your idea moving! Mobile development uses different tools and requires a different set of skills than traditional programming. Mooseworks has created video courses and tutorial articles that will help you move into the mobile world. We can also work with you and your developers to help make your transition a smooth one.

Kick Start

Get your project started the right way by having Mooseworks give it a kick start. We will work with you to define the app requirements, and then will provide an architecture and framework that you and your developers can take over. This will accelerate your learning curve into the mobile world, and will help you avoid mistakes and false starts. We can go as far as you like, providing starter UI screens, database and business layers, web service synchronization, whatever you see as hurdles blocking your path.


Developer Training

We can provide your developers hands on training and guidance, working directly with your project. We have taught in a classroom environment, worked one-on-one with developers, and created video courses. Contact us for more information.

Video Courses

Mooseworks Software is happy to partner with Safari/O’Reilly┬áto offer these videos with our own Keith Welch as the author! Learn More