At Mooseworks, we’ve delivered software solutions ranging from simple apps to full featured systems. Check out some of our work below:


iOS, Android Text-to-Speech App

TalkTablet is a fully-featured text-to-speech solution for people who are unable to communicate clearly as a result of Autism, Aphasia, Down Syndrome, Stroke, Laryngectomy or other condition that adversely affects a persons ability to speak. TalkTabletNEO uses a breakthrough interface design that simplifies button and page customizing, yet provides a wealth of features and flexibility not seen in current symbol based speech apps. Every button and every page (folder) in TalkTablet has its own settings, allowing different colors, fonts, page layouts and more on any button or page (folder).

Solution: Mooseworks provided iOS and Android versions of the app, as well as the back-end web service for sharing and backups.

Technology: iOS, Android, JSON Web Service, MySQL Database

“You’re the best Keith. Awesome. Can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. I sincerely appreciate your outstanding talent and effort.” Gordon Harris, Gus Communication Devices



GroupUs Social Network

Android, Web Service, Web Application

GroupUs was a private social networking project. It included messaging, photo sharing, contact management, and event calendar features, as well as providing a customizable appearance. Groups could choose to “brand” their app by choosing colors, logos and layouts. The app and the website both included an app builder to create the app and the group. Solution: Mooseworks provided the Android app, the website, the database design and the back-end web service.

Technology: Android, ASP.Net, JSON Web Service, SQL Server Database



Fly Guide

iPad Scenic Mapping App

Fly Guide displays what you are flying over with detailed satellite imagery. It labels cities, lakes, mountains, rivers, major highways and more! Points of Interests are shown. The map tracks your flight path with the device GPS, and your altitude, speed and heading are all displayed, as well as navigation aids for pilots. The maps are all offline, no internet connection is needed. Fly Guide displays all of the lower 48 US States.

Solution: Mooseworks provided the iOS version of the app, including the all of the mapping layers. Amazon web services is used for even more detailed map layers.

Technology: iOS, Mapping, GPS, Amazon Web Services






iPhone App and Web Service

Smolder is a social networking, event management app for the iPhone. The app concept is looking for events that are occurring near your present location. The app provides a map that tracks your whereabouts, and shows markers for the events that are happening, or will be happening soon. The markers vary depending on the popularity of the event. Tapping a marker brings up event details. Of course, it also provides the ability to create events. The server contains event data, including locations, and gets continuously queried by devices as their locations change, looking for event updates. A user can also query for specific categories of events.

Solution: Mooseworks provided the iPhone app and the back-end web service.

Technology: iOS, Mapping, GPS, JSON Web Service



ShowMeQR and ShowMeManager

iOS, Android QR Scanning and iBeacon App

ShowMeQR is used to scan and view proprietary ShowMeQR codes to assist with the understanding and/or completion of tasks. Commonly used for patient, student or employee support. Scanning a code displays information (video and text) regarding how to complete a specific task. iBeacons can also be used. A “help” button is also presented that phones a designated person for assistance and support. Skype phone and video calls are also supported to enable LIVE support. Codes and associated content (video and text) are created using the ShowMeQR Manager app.

Solution: Mooseworks provided iOS and Android versions of both ShowMeQR and ShowMeMgr apps, including in-app purchasing, QR scanning, and iBeacon support. Also the back-end web service for task management was created, and Amazon web services were used for video storage.

Technology: iOS, Android, JSON Web Service, Amazon Web Services, QR Scanning, iBeacons, MySQL Database





iPhone, Web Service, Web Application

The SafetyNet™ system provides tracking information about employees during a facility evacuation. Strategically located SafetyNet™ stations verify that evacuees, as well as visitors, have vacated the facility during an emergency. The system will help to locate missing persons and generate a facility layout detailing their approximate location. The system consists of four main components: a web service, a customer database monitor, a mobile device application, and a web interface. The monitor extracts employee data and locations from the customer’s system, and sends it to the web service. The mobile application will scan employee’s badges, initially using the Grabba API, and relay that information to the system. The web service processes the data, and responds to requests from the web interface. The web interface provides the user interface, and shows the status of employees during an evacuation.

Solution: Mooseworks provided the iPhone app, the website, database design, back-end web service, and monitoring service.

Technology: iOS, ASP.Net, JSON Web Service, Windows Service, SQL Server, Grabba Card Scanner


Depth Runner

iOS and Android

Depth Runner is a fishing app that will pair with a fish detector. It provides GPS and weather information along with information from the detector. It retrieves weather data from the Weather Underground API. It also allows users to record their catches, make notes about conditions, take photos, and post to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+).

Technology: iOS, Android, Social Networking and Weather Underground APIs





Logistics Delivery App

iPhone, Web Service

The logistics delivery app is a loading dock app that tracks incoming and outgoing trucks and parcels. It is used by a company that runs hundreds of routes, and thousands of parcels daily in the mid-Atlantic states. The app provides loading dock personal the ability to record arrivals, departures, scan parcels, and take photos of damage without having to go to a desktop computer in the office.

Solution: Mooseworks provided the iOS app, as well as the back-end web service for data synchronization.

Technology: iOS, Xamarin Mono, JOSN Web Service, SQL Server Database  




Never forget to pay your bills again! With life becoming more and more complicated, it’s easy to forget to pay a bill. Then watch out for those late fees! BillPass will remind you of any upcoming due dates. BillPass also helps you pay your bills online. It will remind you of the website, your username and password (safely encrypted, of course). So when you receive a reminder alert, you can log in and pay the bill right there, on time.


  • Calendar or list view of upcoming bills.
  • Reminders display notifications.
  • Online payment information – website, username and password or provided in the reminder.
  • Tapping the website address opens the browser on that site.
  • Handles recurring bills (monthly, weekly, quarterly, yearly).
  • Record of bills paid.




Tenmast Inspections and Work Orders

Android, Web Service

Tenmast Software had an old PocketPC app that they need migrated to a modern platform. The Public Housing Inspections program enables you to conduct unit inspections in compliance with HUD’s UPCS inspection requirements. The Public Housing Inspections program is designed for complete compliance with HUD’s UPCS (Uniform Physical Condition Standards) inspection requirements. It enables you to track and schedule inspections and re-inspections, print tenant notification letters, produce inspection result reports, and generate work orders in WinTen² WorkOrder. The app must work in a offline disconnected mode and then synchronize at a later date.

Solution: Mooseworks provided Android versions of both the Inspections and Work Orders apps, as well as the back-end web service for data synchronization.

Technology: Android, Xamarin Mono, WCF Web Service, Sybase SQL Anywhere Database

“Keith, You’re a mad genius. GREAT job.” Emily Wallace, Tenmast Software


Pax Memoriam

Web Application, Web Service

Pax Memoriam is a memorial web application. It provides the user the ability to create a memorial with an obituary, guest book and photo album. In the guest book, users can tell stories using photos video and music. Pax Memoriam provides security for private memorials as well. The site was done in .Net and SQL Server. It scaled to 10,000 simultaneous users accessing the same screen at the same time.

Technology: ASP.Net, C#, JSON, HTML, SQL Server Database




New Yorkers for Parks

Windows 8 Tablet App

New Yorkers for Parks is a non-profit organization that was looking for an app to use while inspecting parks and beaches. The app has a very simple user interface, but the questions in the survey needed to be dynamically loaded so the survey could change from time to time without coding. The data is collected offline, and is uploaded at a later date. Solution: Mooseworks provided the Windows 8 tablet app.

Technology: Windows 8, SQL Server