We offer practical solutions & services, from ground up application development, integration and maintenance to training services. At Mooseworks, we aim to choose the best technology for the job. We view platforms and frameworks as tools, rather than religious issues, so we will use the tools that provide you the best, most cost effective result. It may be an open source framework, or a Microsoft or Apple product. We’ll happily work with whatever accomplishes the job. Most importantly, we deliver quality, working solutions on time and on budget. We do what we say we will do.

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We provide full service solutions:

  • Native Mobile Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android, Windows 8, or Windows CE
  • Web Applications
    • Standalone or to complement or administer your apps
  • Web Services for your app’s data synchronization
  • Database Design and Implementation
  • Desktop Applications

We work with the following technologies:

  • iOS – xCode, Cocoa and Xamarin MonoTouch
  • Android – Java and Xamarin MonoDroid
  • Web Applications – .Net, MVC, jQuery, HTML, CSS
  • Web Services – .Net, JSON, WCF
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Databases – SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, SQLite, Access
  • Desktop Apps – WPF, Windows Forms
  • Languages – Objective-C, Java, C#, VB

Native vs. Hybrid Apps

Native applications are just that, native to the device’s operations system, Android or iOS, for example. This allows them to access all of the features of the operating system, so they are only limited in capability by the device itself. Android typically uses Java for native apps, while iOS uses Objective-C. The two very different languages and design environments make cross platform development challenging.

Hybrid apps address this cross platform challenge by using HTML5 and JavaScript as a their programming language. The apps they create are based on a web view, which is essentially a web browser. So, in simple terms, they are running a web app on the device. This allows them to operate across platforms. In order to access device features, like the GPS, a layer is provided that exposes the native capabilities in a JavaScript interface. Hybrid apps do have limitations in performance and capabilities because of this layer.

Xamarin Mono

Xamarin Mono is another type of cross platform solution, but it creates truly native apps. In the past, it has been limited to code sharing back-end, non-user interface functions. Building user interfaces is completely different in Android and iOS. In June, 2014, Xamarin introduced a solution for this problem known as Xamarin.Forms. This allows true native, cross platform app creation. There are of course, limitations as to the complexity of the user interface that can be created, but that will improve in time as well.

three_phonesWe believe that our relationship with you, the client, is the most important element in a successful development. Mooseworks Software is based in Peterborough, New Hampshire. We do not outsource any work, so you will be dealing directly with the person doing the job. If you are looking for your app to be something beyond the standard, run-of-the-mill, and want a truly custom app, please consider Mooseworks. We stand behind everything we deliver.