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You have an idea, a vision, a dream, and you need someone to create the software, and make it real. You’ve come to the right place! GroupUs Social App
Our goal is to help our clients bring their ideas to market. We are always interested in the great new approaches that entrepreneurs come up with, we’ve learned a lot over the years from them, and we want to help you in creating the next big thing. At Mooseworks, we support what we ship. We provide a full service to our clients, from specification through design and implementation to support, including app store release, support of applications, and setting up web servers and hosting. Most importantly, we deliver quality, working solutions on time and on budget. We do what we say we will do.

Private Safety Network

PSN is a patented, comprehensive communications system to send and receive real-time information, and to distribute mass notifications during an emergency or safety event.
It allows multiple choices in sending out event warnings using the instant Emergency Broadcast lightning bolt. It can be sent to everyone, to Police, to responders, or to specific groups; all simultaneously.

  • Virtually real-time communications
  • Designed for emergency and safety communications – laser focused
  • One click emergency broadcast to all members
  • Control Center provides administrators a command and control function during a crisis
  • Integrate with security and access control systems
  • Room status and user locations can be reported
  • Secure – all messages are encrypted. Continuous backups with automatic fail-safe switchover
  • Created especially for schools, businesses, hospitals, nursing homes, colleges, civic campuses & buildings


Let us help you get your idea moving! Mobile development uses different tools and requires a different set of skills than traditional programming. Mooseworks has created video courses and tutorial articles that will help you move into the mobile world. We can also work with you and your developers to help make your transition a smooth one.

Kick Start

Get your project started the right way by having Mooseworks give it a kick start. We will work with you to define the app requirements, and then will provide an architecture and framework that you and your developers can take over. This will accelerate your learning curve into the mobile world, and will help you avoid mistakes and false starts. We can go as far as you like, providing starter UI screens, database and business layers, web service synchronization, whatever you see as hurdles blocking your path.

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  • Why Mooseworks?

Mooseworks Software was started in 2003. We specialized in the mobile market before mobile was cool. In that time, we’ve sold controls to developers who created applications with hundreds of thousands of end users. We’ve also developed custom controls and applications for customers worldwide. A lot of companies talk about the importance of customers, we live it. We respond to support requests within 24 hours, and if an update is necessary, it happens in days, not years.

Software development is not easy. This is particularly true in specialty areas like mobile applications. We are a full service development company that can support all aspects of
your development, from specification through design and implementation to support. Most importantly, we deliver quality, working solutions on time and on budget. We do what we say we will do.

“Your company offers both a great product as well as expert consulting services. We could not have delivered a quality solution without Mooseworks.”
John Hamilton –

Mooseworks Software is a full service software development company. We can take your idea, work with you to develop feature requirements, and then create mobile apps, websites, databases, data services, and everything that is necessary to bring it to fruition. We can help you publish on the Apple App Store or Google Play, and we can provide web hosting for you as well. We provide training and support of our solutions as well.

We have 30 years of engineering experience and 10 years in mobile. That gives us a solid perspective of what can be done, what will work, and where the limitations are. Unlike many, we do not outsource our work. You will be working and communicating directly with the person working on your project. We stand behind everything we do. Please support your local software developer.

“Seems that I’ve finally found a company made from real people, who take care about user opinions.”
Riccardo Esercitato, Oggetti Informatici

“Keith and Mooseworks Software are a real pleasure to work with. They responded to every question I asked thoroughly and promptly. I would definitely recommend Mooseworks to others.”
Charles W. Teel –

“I think this is what’s called Supreme Service :-)”
Steffen Duve –