Do you need a mobile app, website, or both? Count on Mooseworks Software to collaborate with you at every stage of the project lifecycle, from concept to completion to support. Mooseworks provides award-winning software applications and controls that are strong, agile, and fast. GroupUs Social App
We have delivered full featured social networking, mapping, medical, housing, measurement, and charting solutions, and have experience in a variety of areas, including consumer, education, aircraft, municipal, and factory automation applications.

Mooseworks has been in the mobile space for 10 years, long before it was cool. We are a full service development company that can support all aspects of your development, from specification through design and implementation to support. Most importantly, we deliver quality, working solutions on time and on budget. We do what we say we will do.

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What Can We Do For You?

Mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets)

  • Native Mobile Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android
  • App Features
    • In-App Purchasing
    • GPS and Mapping
    • Social Media Integration
    • Messaging, Email and Chat
    • Photos and Videos
    • Payment Processing
    • Text to Speech
    • QR and Barcode Scanning
    • Calendar and Event Management
    • Contact Management
    • ID Card Scanning
    • iBeacons and Bluetooth
  • Web Services for your app’s data synchronization


  • Highly Scalable .Net Web Applications
  • eCommerce
  • Social Networking
  • Customer Management
  • Web Applications that augment or administer your apps
  • SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase Database Design

How Does This Work?

We believe that our relationship with you, the client, is the most important element in a successful development. Our approach is get a complete understanding of what your vision is, and then produce it. Typically, a project will have these phases:

  • First, we develop a spec defining exactly what you want. It doesn’t have to be long, boring document, just enough to understand your goals.
  • We will develop a visual prototype quickly so you can see it rather than imagine it. Most importantly, we will communicate with you so that you can see progress, make adjustments, and feel comfortable with your project’s direction.
  • Once the prototype is done, it will be hooked to live data and web services (if needed).
  • Special features like in-app purchasing, bar code scanning, iBeacon interfaces, etc. will be implemented.
  • System integration and testing. This is where we put it all together.
  • Submit to app stores. We will make sure your app gets approved and is released through Apple and Google app stores.
  • Support. Your users will be a great source of ideas and feature requests. The first release is just the beginning. Mooseworks will be there with you as your product and business grows.

Throughout this process, we will deliver updates so that you can see real progress, and make a changes as necessary. Contact Us for a Quote

How Much Will It Cost?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? Costs are dependent on how complex the app or system is, how much of its design is custom or whether it uses existing design features, and how experienced your developer is. Mooseworks Software’s founder, Keith Welch, has over 30 years of engineering and development experience, so we’ve got that part covered. Here’s any idea of cost vs. complexity:

Complexity Features Cost
Simple App
  • All local data, no web interface.
  • Relatively standard design elements.
$2.5K – $7.5K
Moderately Complex
  • Web interface for data (i.e. social networking app).
  • Some custom design elements.
  • One feature (in-app purchasing, social media integration, mapping, etc.)
$7.5K – $25K
Complex or Enterprise App
  • Web interface for data, admin website.
  • Custom design elements.
  • Multiple features.
$15K – $50K

Fixed Price vs. Hourly Rates

As a client, you want to know how much your project will cost before starting it. Software developments have a poor reputation for being late and over budget. A fixed price can “solve” some of that problem. At Mooseworks Software, we agree with this, and unlike many development houses, we will work under fixed price contracts. The difficulty with fixed price projects is that you need to be able to specify exactly what you want at the beginning. If there are changes, the price will grow, and there can be disagreements about whether something is within scope of the fixed price, or an extra charge. We like to avoid those sort of unpleasant conversations with our clients, so we also work on hourly rates for projects that are not well defined, or small feature additions.

We also provide another pricing option, called flex-fixed pricing. The first phase of a project is usually a user interface prototype, and we expect that there will be changes when you have the opportunity to work with it. After the prototype is completed, and you’ve made your adjustments, there are usually far fewer changes from that point on. The prototype effectively acts as a detailed spec. In flex-fixed pricing, we provide a fixed price for the prototype, and an estimate for the complete project. After the prototype is complete, we can provide a fixed price for completion of the project. This approach lowers your risk of a runaway project, and avoids issues with out of scope changes. Contact Us for a Quote