About Us

Mooseworks Software was started in 2003. We specialized in the mobile market before mobile was cool. In that time, we’ve sold controls to developers who created applications with hundreds of thousands of end users. We’ve also developed custom controls and applications for customers worldwide. A lot of companies talk about the importance of customers, we live it. We respond to support requests within 24 hours, and if an update is necessary, it happens in days, not years. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Native Mobile Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android or Windows CE
  • iOS – xCode, Cocoa and Xamarin MonoTouch
  • Android – Java and Xamarin MonoDroid
  • Web Services for your app’s data synchronization
  • Web Applications that augment or administer your apps
  • Database Design and Implementation
  • Languages – C#, VB, Objective-C, Java

Software development is not easy. This is particularly true in specialty areas like mobile applications. We are a full service development company that can support all aspects of
your development, from specification through design and implementation to support. Most importantly, we deliver quality, working solutions on time and on budget. We do what we say we will do.

“Your company offers both a great product as well as expert consulting services. We could not have delivered a quality solution without Mooseworks.”
John Hamilton – http://www.cascodev.com/

The Legend of the Moose

mooselogoSoftware may not be easy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. In that spirit, we give you the Legend of the Moose:

A long time ago, in the dim and distant past, when Mooseworks Software first moved to Cape Cod, Mass, it had a location near a pond and a cranberry bog. The owners, although not exactly city folk, were quite unaware of the breadth of wildlife that can be found on Cape Cod. That was soon to change. The lower floor of the facility had large, glass doors that opened towards the back, wooded area. One day they were looking out those doors, when much to their surprise, up trotted a full blown, big old moose, antlers and all. At that point, a tricky gust of wind came up and blew open the doors, leaving an open path for the moose.

Being a curious sort of animal, the moose of course headed directly for them, causing great concern to the owners. They weren’t really frightened, however, although the thought of a 2,000 pound animal taking up residency wasn’t what they had envisioned when they came. There was something about the animal’s manner, not to mention human foolishness, that kept the owners glued to the floor. There happened to be a basket of fresh cranberries handy, so one of the owners held them out for the moose. No, we don’t know why. Amazingly, the moose happily ate them right out of his hand. The owner even grew so bold as to pat the moose on its rather pronounced, but noble snout. Strangely, the moose was OK with that, too. The cranberries were quickly finished, and apparently the moose had no other business to do, so he merrily trotted of into the woods. It was amazing how he could quickly and fluidly he could move through the trees, with his antlers never disturbing a branch.

Indeed, it was that agility, speed and strength that inspired the naming of Mooseworks Software.

Now, some may not believe this story, doubting that moose ever venture to Cape Cod. It seems, however, that they love cranberries, and with ponds and woods nearby, it is a perfect area for them. The only drawback is the ever growing human population. The moose keep mostly to themselves, coming out of the woods only at night to raid the bogs. So if you still doubt our little legend, and you happen to be in the area, you can try to catch them in the bogs just before dawn. It is indeed a sight to see. At least that’s what we tell the tourists.

Many years have passed, and Mooseworks Software has now moved to Peterborough, NH to get closer to its inspirational roots. For those of us who live in the north woods, and are familiar with moose, well, we’ll just keep the secret to ourselves.