Graph Control

graphimageThe Graph Control provides every graphing feature you could want: Legends, Zooming, Date/Time, Logarithmic, Inverted axes, Right and Left Y-Axes, Markers, Cursor Values, Alarms, and more, while still providing excellent performance. It supports line, bar chart, area graphing, scatter graphing and line and symbol modes, and they can be used in combination in one graph.You can even define the image to be used as a data point symbol. We’ve also added extensibility events that allow you to draw on the graph’s canvas. This allows you the flexibility to customize the graph’s appearance by drawing marker lines, image backgrounds, gradient surfaces, etc. The control is 100% native .Net, so there are no unmanaged dlls to create deployment worries. Source code is available. No redistribution licensing fees and free updates for one full year. Mooseworks Software stands behind our controls.

New! Graph Control for Android!

We’ve re-created our most popular controls for the Mono for Android framework. These controls have all of the same features as the Windows CE controls, but were re-written to take advantage of the Android operating system.


Description Platform VS Version Price Price
with Source
Mooseworks Android Graph Control Mono 2010/MonoDevelop $149.00
Mooseworks Graph Control (v6.0) Compact Framework 2008 (CF 3.5) $149.00
Mooseworks Graph Control (v6.0) Windows Forms 2008 $149.00
Mooseworks Graph Control (v5.1) Compact Framework 2005 (CF 2.0) $149.00
Mooseworks Graph Control (v5.1) Windows Forms 2005 $149.00


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Download Full-Featured Demonstration Versions

Demo Download Platform VS Version
Android Graph Control Mono 2010/MonoDevelop
Mobile Graph Control 2008 Compact Framework 2008 (CF 3.5)
Desktop Graph Control 2008 Windows Forms 2008
Mobile Graph Control 2005 Compact Framework 2005 (CF 2.0)
Desktop Graph Control 2005 Windows Forms 2005

New Modes!





Logarithmic Axis


Inverted Axis


Date/Time Mode


User Zooming Capability



  • Bar, Line, Area, Scatter, Line and Symbol or combination plot types
  • Customizable data point symbols – preset symbols or your images
  • Graph Legend with circular or square symbols
  • Multiple X and Y data series
  • Right and Left Y axes
  • Scrollable axes
  • Logarithmic, inverted and normal axes in any combination
  • DateTime mode for X-Axis data
  • Zoom mode. The user can outline an area on the graph with the pen, and when the pen is lifted, the graph will zoom onto that area. Zooming in can be done an unlimited amount of times. Menus are available for zooming out. Just tap outside the graphs plot area.
  • Auto scaling
  • User moveable marker lines with events
  • Plot alarm settings – plot will change colors in alarm regions
  • Title and Axes Labels
  • Cursor event
  • Text File and Bitmap File Export
  • Enter an unlimited number of data series
  • Data can be entered as two arrays (X and Y data) or as one combined array
  • 100% native .Net.
  • Full customization:
    • Title font and color
    • Legend location, labels, fonts and colors
    • Axis labels, precision, fonts and colors
    • Major and minor tick mark spacing and colors
    • Major and minor grid colors and visibility
    • Auto or manual scaling
    • Colors for each individual plot
    • Border colors width, and styles (3D, single, none)
    • Chart background and plot background colors
    • Gradient surfaces for the background, plot and legend areas
    • Owner drawing capability for drawing marker lines, image backgrounds, etc.